The Order of the Grail is a fraternal order of mystic Chivalry. Through a traditional line of filiation nearly one thousand years old, we are heirs to such august orders as:

  • L'Ordre de le Crosse de Genet
  • L'Ordre de Saint Michael
  • L'Ordre de la Toison d'or
  • L'Ordre de Saint Lazarre de Jerusalem
  • ... among others

Since 1985 the Order of the Grail (OTG) has served as the fraternal body of the International College of Esoteric Studies (ICES). The I.C.E.S. curriculum forms the basic educational substance of our work. ICES and the OTG are separate organizations.

In the past, we have been known by our 'full' name, "The Rosicrucian and Military Order of the Sacred Grail", and the "Rosicrucian Order of the Grail". Today we are known as, the "Order of the Grail", and although our name may have changed - the original character and essential nature of our order; which is both Christian and Cabalistic - has not.

Prior to 1985 and our association with I.C.E.S., the Order of the Grail was known as "Les Chevaliers de la Rose et de La Croix" (Knights of the Rose+Croix) and this name is still used all official correspondence. Our rituals and initiations do reflect certain Alchemical and Rosicrucian influences - whether or not we call ourselves a "Rosicrucian" order.

The OTG has two forms of operation; Commanderies and Priories. Each Commandery or Priory is under the local jurisdiction of a Commander, or Prior, and all are accountable to a Grand Commander who oversees operations, and grants yearly dispensations to legitimate OTG Commanderies and Priories. A Current Listing of OTG Commanderies can be found in our Commandery Directory.